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Why help?

Why help education?

Students going to school

Education leads to:

A future student?

Why H.E.L.P. to assist schools in Ethiopia?

For which purposes are donations used?

In Ethiopia there is a real desire to develop the country, to progress. Today there is a huge construction boom in Ethiopia. There are many dams being built or almost finished on Ethiopia's rivers in order to solve the problem of supplying electricity, and also to export electrical power to neighboring countries. The country is also improving and developing its road network. In Spring 2009 Ethiopia reformed its educational program, to train its teachers better.

Students in a Surma village

However, the recent global economic crisis may hinder all Ethiopia's efforts in development. Europe and America are reducing the aid they usually allot to African countries. Although Ethiopian financial institutions did not invest abroad, Ethiopia is still a victim of the economic crisis. Food prices have doubled. Prices for imported articles have risen sharply. The demand for Ethiopian exports, such as coffee and flowers, has collapsed, and foreign investment has greatly decreased.