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Past, present, future activities

Loretta: "As I was the only member of H.E.L.P. in Ethiopia during 2008/2009, I summarize below my activities during this first year on site:

Addis Ababa: school bag distribution

October 2008: "During a trip to the south, I taught English for a few days in the Turmi Primary School.

November 2008: "I taught English at the United Teachers' Primary and Secondary Public School in Addis Ababa. Saddened by the school conditions, I proposed to the school Director to try to make some improvements and received his approval. Discussions to determine the school's main needs: additional teachers, classroom repairs, office machines, computers and other hardware/software, a library, a science laboratory, school furniture.

December 2008: "I returned to Europe to raise funds and to open my association. Several people wished to help me. The official association, Helping Education Loretta Project (H.E.L.P.), is founded in France. The first donations come in.

January 2009: "I returned to Addis Ababa and continued teaching English in the United Teachers' School while continuing discussions to carry out school improvements.

Addis Ababa: a classroom to repair

April 2009: "I contacted two schools in the south of Ethiopia, already familiar to me. The school Directors sent me letters and detailed lists of the books and other things they needed.

June 2009: "I went to the south of Ethiopia to deliver books, maps, anatomical diagrams, writing materials to the schools. Discussions with the school Directors about the schools' conditions and needs.

Turmi: delivering books

On June 24th 2009 an agreement was signed between H.E.L.P. and the United Teachers' school in Addis Ababa, whereby H.E.L.P. will provide the school with two computers and printers, a scanner and a photocopier. H.E.L.P. will also finance the repair of several classrooms and the employment of six additional teachers (3 for English and 3 for Math) for three years, in order to reduce the number of students in some classes.

July 2009: School summer vacation. I returned to France to thank the donors and to develop the association.

August 2009: Association development.

September 2009: Association development.

October 2009: I shall return to Addis Ababa to follow the school's work and to continue help to the schools in the south.